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Hello and thank you for your interest in getting to know me.

My name is Ronalinda. People call me Ron.

So let's me start by dropping this video here.

If that makes you interested continue scrolling.

Aside from being passionate about personal finance, I also own and manage a YouTube channel in my language, Tagalog, which is now over 35,000 subscribers. My passion for personal finance not only brought me extra income but also an income-generating skill that I believe beneficial for your business. We can create courses to help your client see the value in the services your business offers.

If you want to check my channel click here ⬅

Now for the fun part! What I can do for your business is nothing extraordinary and I'm pretty sure a lot of Virtual Assistants have also claimed that this is something special. To be honest, nothing is special with being in a general admin but what special about me is my tech savvy nature and patience to work with companies I like. I don't easily give up. I would like to add value and significant impact to your business. Your success is my strong motivation to do better everyday. I truly believe that when you become successful and me being in it, is a great picture to watch and that will make me successful too!

To know more of my career background, I've embedded my CV here.
GVA Ronalinda Rubion.pdf by Ronalinda Rubion 

The next items is just a few samples of my work I did with my previous client. I'm also well versed in customer service, funnel building, email automations, content managing, client onboarding and a lot more.
About Me Presentation by Ronalinda Rubion

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